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Kwibuka27: Gatonde district hospital commemorates the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi

On 30th June 2021, Gatonde district hospital in Gakenke District commemorated the victims of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

 Participants in this event started by paying tributes and remembering the Tutsi who were thrown into the Mukungwa River where they laid wreaths onto the monuments erected on the shores of this River on which names of the victims are written.

 Then after, there was a session of explanations of the history of this area and the reason why there was erected a monument by explaining how the Interahamwe militia used to assemble there the Tutsi abducted from different hideouts, hack them with used up hoes and other weapons and then throw them into the River saying ironically that they go to sign the Arusha Acord.

 On the monument are written 63 names of identified victims, however, accounts of the survivors and witnesses indicate that more than this number were thrown there.

 The representative of IBUKA in Gakenke District , Alfred Nsengimana commended the Gatonde District hospital for organizing a commemoration event and said that this event was an opportunity to pay respect to the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi, to learn more about the sad history that Rwanda went through and take measures to fight whoever may tend to take us back to that history.

 Dr DUKUNDANE Dieudonn√©, Director General of Gatonde hospital said that the event helped them to better understand the history. He urged everyone to keep on the fight against genocide ideology and whatever my lead to divisions.

 Catherine Uwimana, vice-mayor in charge of social affairs in Gakenke District said that commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi is of great importance as it is an act of building the Rwandan identity. She said that the genocide against the Tutsi was the result of the bad leadership that instilled discrimination, divisions and hatred among Rwandans, which culminated into the 1994 genocide. She urged all participants to ensure that whatever they do on daily basis aims to build the Rwandan identity.

During the event, Gatonde District hospital supported a household of a genocide survivor by donating a cow.