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Kwibuka27: ADEPR Rubavu Region commemorates its members killed in the Genocide against the Tutsi

On June 8, 2021, the ADEPR church in Rubavu commemorates its members who lost their lives in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

 The President of Ibuka in Rubavu District, Bisengimana Innocent recalled the history of the Genocide against the Tutsi explaining how colonists and missionaries arrived in Rwanda and divided Rwandans.

He recalled the history of Gisenyi where he explained that the presence of many leaders native of Gisenyi in the government that planned and carried out the Genocide fuelled it in the area both in its preparation and execution.

 He pointed out that the killers were not afraid to kill Tutsi even in what was considered sacred places where he gave examples of churches in which the Tutsi were massacred including the ADEPR Kabumba Church, the Adventist Church of the Bweramana, the Adventist Church of Cyambara, and the Busasamana Church among others.

He explained that some religious and church leaders were involved in the Genocide whereas they were responsible for protecting the sheep that God had commanded them.

He called on religious and church leaders to educate hard-hearted people so they can give information on bodies of the victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Rubavu District vice Mayor for Economic Development, Nzabonimpa Déogratias said the genocide the result of the divisive policy, alienating Rwandans and more. He also said that religious and church leaders should continue to play a role in building sustainable unity.

 ADEPR Deputy Spokesperson, Eugene Rutagarama said that God had used many means, including the use of the Inkotanyi to have survivors and to stop the Genocide.

The commemoration concluded with a visit to the Commune Rouge memorial to lay flowers and pay homage to the Burials at the memorial.