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Ngororero: commemoration of the Tutsi who were killed at the MRND palace during the genocide

On 30th May 2021, at the Ngororero genocide memorial site in Ngororero District , an event for the 27th commemoration of the Genocide against the tutsi was organized in particular memory of the Tutsi who were killed at the MRND palace.

There was also decent burial of two recovered bodies of victims of the genocide against the Tutsi.

The representative of the families that accorded decent burial to theirs, commended the leaders who diligently support genocide survivors and those who had the courage to provide information so that the bodies of  the Tutsi killed during the genocide are recovered and accorded decent burial. He also called upon those who have the information but still conceal it to be free to provide it.

Godefroid Ndayambaje, mayor of Ngororero District said that the genocide against the Tutsi was possible because it had been planned for a long time and its ideology instilled among the citizens for years. He requested everyone to tell the truth to belie those who intend to distort its history in order to deny or trivialize it.

He commended those who provided information so that those two bodies are recovered and urged whoever may have such information to give it so that bodies of genocide victims are recovered and accorded decent burial.