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Zaza: decent burial of 9 bodies of victims of the genocide against the Tutsi

On 29th May 2021, in Zaza sector, Ngoma District, nine recently recovered bodies of victims of the genocide against the Tutsi were accorded decent burial.

The nine bodies were recovered in three sectors namely Mugesera where four bodies were recovered, Karembo where one body was recovered while four bodies were recovered in Zaza sector. The bodies were laid to rest in Zaza genocide memorial site.

The lecture about the history of the genocide against the Tutsi recalled how genocide ideology was nurtured and some key facts that proves the genocidal plot.

 The representative of the families that accorded dent burial to theirs, said that is of shock to see that 27 years later, bodies of victims of the genocide against the Tutsi are being recovered and asked whoever may have information about where bodies of the Tutsi killed during the genocide were thrown so that they are accorded decent burial.

He reminded that it is important to maintain genocide proofs and preserve its history in order to fight those who continue to deny and belittle it.

CG Emmanuel Gasana, Governor of the Eastern Province said it is necessary to remember the sad history that Rwanda went through  where the Tutsi were massacred basing on how they were created due to the bad leadership.

He commended genocide survivors because they were asked to offer more including forgiveness to those who killed their relatives as well as their courage to restore hope for life. He assured that genocide will never happen again because for now Rwanda has good leadership that is founded on the character of Rwandan identity.

He sked for everyone’s participation in the fight against genocide ideology and the reconstruction of the Rwandan society.