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Mugina: decent burial of 64 bodies of genocide victims in Mugina genocide memorial

On Monday 26th April 2021, at the Mugina genocide memorial site in Kamonyi District, 64 bodies of victims of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi were laid to rest. The bodies include 56 recovered from Ngoma Sector in a hole located where there used to be a road block during the genocide and 8 bodies relocated from the ruins.

In a short lecture on the history of Mugina, the lecturer said that both the Hutu and Tutsi of the former Mayaga region used to live in harmony until the first and second republics divided them on ethnic lines and sow hatred amongst them.  

 The lecturer thanked the former bourgoumestre of Mugina commune, Callixte Ndagijimana, who distanced himself from the genocide plot and tried to defend those targeted by the genocide until the genocidal government killed him.

 The representative of the families who accorded decent burial to theirs recalled the cruelty used by genocidaires in Mugina including the use of machetes, nailed clubs and throwing the Tutsi into Nyabarongo River.  

 He thanked the Inkotanyi for stopping the genocide and rescue them as well as some people who were not targeted by the genocide who were courageous enough to hide the Tutsi.