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Gisagara: decent burial of 61 bodies of genocide victims in Kabuye memorial

 On Friday 23rd April 2021, at Kabuye genocide memorial site in Ndora Sector, Gisagara District, 61 bodies of victims of the genocide against the Tutsi were accorded decent burial. The bodies include 46 that were recovered in Ndora Sector and 15 bodies recovered in Muganza Sector.

The representative of the families that accorded decent burial to theirs, condemned those who deliberately conceal information on where bodies of the Tutsi killed during the genocide were thrown, and thanked former RPF fighters who came for rescue and stopped the genocide.

 Jerôme Rutaburingoga, mayor of Gisagara District urged everyone to take part in the fight against genocide ideology, denial and minimization of the genocide against the Tutsi because it is one of the consequences of inherited by the genocide against the Tutsi, which must be dealt with.