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Remembrance of Students, professors and staffers of the former National University of Rwanda slain in the Genocide against the Tutsi

On Thursday 22nd April 2021, the University of Rwanda commemorated the students, professors and members of the staff of the former National University of Rwanda, now University of Rwanda, Huye Campus who were victims of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.  

During the event, it was made clear that in preparation for the genocide before 1994, different militias were established to be later used to prepare and execute the genocide. 

Testimonies also showed that circles of intellects hat spread hated included university professors.   All of this was done, where the University used to be regarded as the hob for literati

 The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Rwanda, Prof Alexandre Lyambabaje urged current professors of the University of Rwanda to distance themselves from the practices that characterized their colleagues who prepared and executed the genocide against the Tutsi. He urged them to be at the forefront in building a Rwanda that is characterized by complementarity.

 He consoled those whose theirs were killed at the National university of Rwanda, and added that it is shocking to have science without conscience.

 He challenged the youth currently studying at the University of Rwanda to avoid words and acts comprising genocide ideology in order to distance themselves from the other youths that were used as a tool to execute the genocide.

The genocide memorial site in UR-Huye campus is the final resting place to more than 400 genocide victims including students, professors and staffers killed in the former National University of Rwanda including   which had its Head Quarters in former Ngoma commune, Butare Prefecture.