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Kwibuka 27: decent burial of 61 bodies of victims of the genocide against the Tutsi in Kaduha memorial


On Wednesday 21st April 2021, at Kaduha genocide memorial site in Kaduha Sector, Nyamagabe District, 61 newly recovered bodies of victims of the genocide against the Tutsi were accorded decent burial.

The bodies include 48 recovered from a whole in GS Kaduha A onto which a toilet for students had been constructed, five bodies recovered from GS Kaduha, four bodies recovered from Mugote in arable pieces of land, two bodies recovered from Runyinya in arable piece of land, one body recovered from Joma  and one body recovered from Mugano Sector.

Kaduha genocide memorial site is the final resting place to more than 47,000 bodies of victims of the genocide against the Tutsi.

 Bonaventure Uwamahoro, mayor of Nyamagabe District said that genocide in Kaduha was committed with high wildness, which is shown by the big number of Tutsi who were killed there.  He said that it is shameful to see that 27 years later, bodies of genocide victims are still being recovered, which shows that people deliberately conceal information on where the bodies of the victims were thrown.

Fidèle RWAMUHIZI who spoke on behalf of genocide survivors in Kaduha, recalled the history of what was formerly known as Bunyambiriri. He said that the Tutsi of this area were victims of persecutions and killings since 1963.

 He gave the example of how he was denied documents to allow him to enroll to school in 1965 for the simple reason that he was a Tutsi. Someone who was a friend of his father before he was killed, helped him to get the documents.

He further said that even though genocide survivors always conclude their testimonies by thanking the Inkotanyi for rescuing them, genocide perpetrators also should thank them for capturing the country, because, had they delayed, the killers would have turned against each other.

 He thanked some priests who saved the Tutsi in 1963 like father Janssen in Kaduha and father Stany de Janmblinne who saved many Tutsi in Cyanika, he is now on retirement.

 He however condemned other priest Robert Nyandwi who connived with Interahamwe and others who abandoned the Tutsi.

 Alice Kayitare, Governor of the Southern Province, thanked genocide survivors for their courage to forgive and live harmoniously with those who killed their relatives.

She said that at this 27th commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi, there are still some people nurturing genocide ideology in the Bunyambiriri region but reassured that the fight against them goes on.

 She noted that those who nurture genocide ideology and discrimination have got it wrong because Rwandans clearly understand where they have come and cannot allow anyone to divide them.