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Acts of violence and killings committed against the Tutsis in 1973 in the communes of Tambwe, Kigoma, Murama, Mugina and Mukingi in preparation for the genocide in Gitarama Prefecture

As explained by the study conducted by the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) on the history of the Genocide committed against the Tutsi in the former Gitarama Prefecture, perpetration of acts of killings and violence against the Tutsi begun in the end of February 1973.   The intention of the masterminds of these ignoble actions was to target all the Tutsi, starting from those in schools and different services. Top leaders of the PARMEHUTU party including President Kayibanda Grégoire himself incited their partisans to blaze and destroy the houses of the Tutsi as well as Killing them.

In the communes of Tambwe, Kigoma, Murama, Mugina and Mukingi acts of violence including the burning of the houses of the tutsi and forcing them out of their properties occurred in march 1973. Accounts of different witnesses confirm that Niyonzima Maximilien played part in acts of violence committed against them. He used to tell the people that their plot was cracked down and not fully implemented because their objective was not attained.

What is evident is that acts of violence and killings perpetrated against the Tutsi did not occur the way regime wished it, because the regime’s intention was to widely exterminate the Tutsis not to force them out of schools and services.

Even though there are several Tutsis killed in that period, the intention of president Kayibanda and his sympathizers like Niyonzima Maximilien and others was to exterminate the Tutsis.

Due to president Kayibanda’s hatred against the Tutsis, he was not even aware of the motives behind the 1973 turbulence. He was delighted by the fact that the Tutsis were forced out of schools, services, their houses were burnt and even killed; but did not know that his opponents including senior military officers from the Rukiga supported him so that they could get a reason to toppled him and charged him with failure to restore peace and security among the citizens.

Habyarimana Juvénal took advantage of security issue within the country, he was the one behind the issues, and used them as a pretext to orchestrate a coup, and accused Kayibanda of failing to restore peace and security in the country.