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Ways used in preparation for the genocide in Cyangugu: establishment of Interahamwe militia in Cyangugu Prefecture

In the end of 1991, after endorsement of the multi-party politics, MRND took some of its the youth and formed a militia called Interahamwe. At the beginning, the militia was molded in Kigali but it later on spread across the country including different parts of the Cyangugu Prefecture. When the idea to establish the Interahamwe militia reached to Cyangugu, organs of the militia were establish from Prefecture to cell level. Every leader helped in selection of the militia’s recruits and followed up its activities.

At the Cyangugu prefectural level, in June 1993, the MRND’s steering committee appointed the leaders of the militia at the prefectural level. The decision was implemented by Siméon Nteziryayo who was the chairman of the bureau of MRND in Cyangugu Prefecture. Nyandwi Christophe from the former Commune of Karengera, currently Karengera Sector in Nyamasheke District immediately became the leader of Interahamwe militia in Cyangugu Prefecture.

 The plot to incite the Interahamwe militiamen to prepare and execute the genocide against the Tutsi, the leader of the militia at the prefectural level, Nyandwi Christophe implemented it in collaboration with Bareberaho Bantali Rypa who lived in Gihundwe , currently Kamembe Sector in Rusizi district . Bareberaho Bantali Rypa was the leader of MDR part in Cyangugu Prefecture. Nyandwi Christophe, in collaboration with Prefect Emmanuel Bagambiki of Cyangugu and bourgoumestres established the Interahamwe militia in all parts of Cyangugu Prefecture.

 Activities of Interahamwe militia in the former commune of Kamembe were supervised by Nyandwi Christophe who was the militia’s leader in Cyangugu Prefecture in collaboration with Kimputu Salumu Waziri who was a wealthy businessman in Kamembe; he was in charge of fund mobilization for the welfare of the Interahamwe militiamen.

 The commune of Kamembe had also a gang of youngsters grouped in a militia called Abakaridinari, which operated in Nkanka and headed by Nkurunziza Frederic.

The Interahamwe militia in the commune of Cyimbogo were headed by Pascal Rubayita who was the assistant bourgoumestre of the commune. He carried out the plot to incite the militiamen to be ready to commit the genocide in collaboration with Bideri Augustin, a veterinary doctor who was the chairman of MRND at the commune level and Cyprien Murengezi who was director of SONAFRUITS factory.

 Incitement of the Interahamwe militiamen to be ready to perpetrate the genocide against the Tutsi in the commune of Gishoma was carried out by Rwakana Vénant who was president of Interahamwe in the commune of Gishoma, he was the communal Agri-monitor. He collaborated with Jean Chrysostom Nkubito, the bourgoumestre of Gishoma commune.

The Interahamwe militiamen in Bugarama commune were headed by Yussuf Munyakazi. In follow up of activities of Interahamwe in Bugarama, Yussuf Munyakazi was aided by Ndutiye Athanase who changed his name to Tarake Aziz Makuza after conversion into Islam from catholic.

In the commune of Nyakabuye, the militia Interahamwe was headed by Alphred Munyentarama. The Interahamwe militia in the commune of Nyakabuye, in collaboration with bourgoumestre Nsengumuremyi Diogène and sub-prefect  of Bugumya, Nsengimana Etienne devised the plot to kill the Tutsi across the commune of Nyakabuye, they also killed the Tutsi in Mibirizi (Cyimbogo commune) and Nyabitimbo ( in the commune of Karengera) among other.

 In the commune of Gisuma, establishment of Interahamwe militia and follow up of its activities was done by Nsabimana Callixte who was the general manager of Shagasha tea factory in collaboration with Fulgence Nsengumuremyi who was bourgoumestre of Gisuma commune and Michel Habamenshi who was a lecturer at Gitwe.

The Interahamwe militia in the commune of Gafunzo was headed by Katamobwa Etienne who was a businessman. The commune of Gafunzo also had a group of notorious militiamen who lived in Nyabitekeri, headed by Uburiyemuye Epimaque, notorious as PIMA who was from the then Bugeza sector and had undergone military training for 15 days.

The Interahamwe militiamen in the commune of Kagano were headed by Pascal Rurangangabo who had retired from the military while those in the commune of Karengera were headed by Nsengumuremyi Anaclet who worked closely with Nyandwi Christophe, the chairman of Interahamwe militia in Cyangugu Prefecture. Nsengumuremyi was one of the militiamen who had been selected to attend training at national level. When he came from training he had a pistol and grenades.

 In the commune of Kirambo establishment and follow up of activities of Interahamwe militia was done by bourgoumestre Mayira Mathias who collaborated with the chairman of MRND at the communal level Félicien Mbonyimana who was also the manager of a forests organization in Gahisi cell in Rangiro together with Eliezer habiyakare who was the head of the Institut John Wesley (EJW), a secondary school in Kibogora.  

Alike the commune of Kirambo, in the commune of Gatare, the MDR party had gained attention of many youth spearheaded by Gasinzigwa who was a teacher at primary school in Buhoro.  The MDR youth used to spend all days forcing the youth from MRND to join the MDR. When the genocide against the Tutsi was perpetrated, Nsanzurwimo Amon from Macuba who was a teacher at primary school in Buhoro and chairman of the MRND in the commune of Gatare, convinced the youth that the issue of political affiliation had to be put aside, which led all the youths to combine their efforts on perpetration of the genocide against the Tutsi.