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Ways used in preparation of the genocide against the Tutsi in Cyangugu Prefecture: training all communal employees on weapon handling and arming them

Between October 1990 and March 1994, the plot to exterminate the Tutsi was enhanced in all possible means so that the Hutu would get themselves rid of their identified enemy, id est the Tutsi. In that evil plot, the Cyangugu Prefecture did not lag behind in devising and establishing strategies to be used. Creation of para military militia composed of youngsters, training and equipping them with killing materials, sowing and spreading of hatred amongst Hutu and Tutsi and other activities aimed to incite Hutu to kill the tutsi were amplified. 

In 1992, Prefect Emmanuel Bagambiki issued instructions that all communal employees, sector councilors, teachers had to be trained in weapon handling. Due to the war situation that the country was undergoing, prefect Bagambiki argued that training and learning of weapon handling should be prioritized so that they could be standby whenever the enemy would show up. Basing on these instructions issued by Prefect Bagambiki, every commune requested the communal police to train the above mentioned categories in weapon handling.

 In Kamembe commune, all employees of the commune, sector councilors, and teachers, cells responsible and selected Interahamwe militiamen in each cell were trained in weapon handling. They training took place in Gatsiro, in the Kamembe commune’s ground. They were trained by communal policemen including the communal police brigadier Gatera Casmir from Nkanka, Dionyse from Rwahi and others. 

While on training, they were told that the country had been invaded by Inyenzi, and that every one of them should thus train in weapon handling so that, they would fight the enemy, once the later shows up in their area. The training was carried out twice a week and lasted for three weeks.

As explained by Ignace Ndahayo, who was then sector councilor and one of those who participated in the training, the training in weapon handling was carried out on orders of the bourgumestre of the commune because he is the one who “summoned us for training in weapon handling, and would visit us whenever in training to see how it was running”.

In Cyimbogo commune, all employees of the commune, sector councilors and teachers were trained in weapon handling. The training took place at the communal offices in the grevillea forest.  Habyarimana Gérard one of those who offered the training explains how it was done. He says “those trained in weapon handling included communal employees, teachers, sector councilors and five youngsters   selected from every cell. They came for training every Saturday. Among the trainers were me Habyarimana Gérard, Nyoni Jean Marie Vianney, Mudacogora Gaëtan, Munyentwari Faustin, Rukirumurame Fabien, Ntabanganyimana Joseph, Silas, Gasambi and others. Even though training was offered by communal policemen, soldiers were there to inspect how exercise was being done.  After the training was completed, every sector councilor was given a gun and took it at his homme so it could help in ensuring security within the sector”.  

In order to abide by the Prefect’s instructions, training in weapon handling was done in all communes of the Cyangugu Prefecture.