35 Genocide victims given decent burial in Nyabihu District

|   19th Commamoration

The remains of 35 victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi were on Friday accorded a decent burial at a memorial site in Nyabihu District, in...

Official mourning week came to a close yesterday at Rebero

|   19th Commamoration

The official mourning week came to a close yesterday with the annual laying of wreaths on the tombs of politicians who died during the 1994 Genocide...

Press release: The launch of a book entilted « Faire face au négationnisme du génocide des Tutsi »

|   19th Commamoration

Friday 12th, 2013, experts, researchers and officials are gathering at at Lemigo Hotel to participate in the official launch of the book entitled “«...

Prof. Lawrence laid a wreath in memory of the Genocide victims

|   19th Commamoration

Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi together with a group of about 4 students from St. Lawrence University of Uganda who came for official visit to Rwanda, on...