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14.07.2017 20:54 Age: 7 days

Special treatment for Genocide survivors with Trauma and PTSD needed to restrain trans-generational transmission, Prof. Sezibera

The statement was made by Prof. Vincent Sezibera on 14 July 2017 at Nobleza Hotel in Kigali during the Interdisciplinary Forensic Summer School 2017 while he was moderating the Workshop on Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the post-Genocide Rwanda.

Sezibera said that 23 year after the Genocide, problems of Trauma and PTSD persist amongst the Genocide survivors and continue to be transmitted from one generation to another. Based on the research conducted by Munyandamutsa and Mahoro in 2009 on Mental and physical health in Rwanda 14 years after the genocide confirmed that among survivors of the Genocide, there are different mental problems especially PTSD at 28.54% and Depression at 53. 90 %. PTSD remains a significant public health problem in Rwanda 14 years after the Genocide. Facilitating access to appropriate care for all those who need it should be a national priority

According to his research Prof. Sezibera said that he divided people in three groups which are the survivors, the non-survivors and returnees in order to see the level of trauma and PTSD among those different groups as well as determining at what extent and through which mechanisms Trauma and PTSD are transmitted from members of each group to their descendants.

During his research, he focused on three important parameters: the first one is the Complicated grief (anxiety) that is due to what mothers went through and affect also the children; the second one is the Childcare that involves all approaches used to rise children and the third one is the Attachment disorder. After his study he found out that Trauma and PTSD are being transmitted from mostly the survivors to their descendants comparing to the other groups by means of Biological mechanism.

He said that there are other transmission channels like storytelling mechanism, Emotional mechanism and many others which need a deep study to see how they work in the Trauma and PTSD transmission.


Sezibera said that Trauma and PTSD are major problems to the wellbeing of the mental health of Rwandans especially Genocide survivors and he recommended that a special treatments for Genocide survivors with Trauma and PTSD should be done to restrain trans-generational transmission, he added that psychotherapeutic services should be incorporated into all the hospitals especially in District hospitals and further in Health Centers so that they become available across the country and to be paid by different life insurances especially Mutuelle de Santé.