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19.05.2017 14:57 Age: 91 days

Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic College commemorates genocide against the Tutsi

On 17 May 2017, Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic College (MIPC), located in Musanze district organized the ceremony to commemorate the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi. The ceremony was started by the walk to remember and a visit to Muhoza genocide memorial site, where they laid wreaths and pay tribute to genocide victims laid to rest in that memorial.

In her testimony, Chantal Bushongore from Bugesera District stated that from 1993, her comrades whom she used to go together to fetch for fire woods, used to tell her that their families have killing materials to be used to kill Bushongore’s family. After some time, Chantal saw one called Gaperi bringing lots of machetes to his house and she thought that it was because it was the sorghum harvest ‘season, unfortunately her mother got killed by those militiamen.

 After her mother’s burial, Chantal was taken by a member of her family who lived in Nyakabanda in Kigali. In 1994, when the genocide against the Tutsi started, Chantal and her adoptive family escaped of Militiamen who wanted to kill them and took refuge to Mount Kigali but on their way, they fell into a military roadblock at Kabusunzu, but saved by a policeman called Nkuranga who lied to soldiers that Chantal is his daughter. Because of too much rain, Chantal, her grandmother and other two relatives came back home in Nyakabanda to check if their can find any relative but no one was there, they were all killed. On their way going back in their refuge in Mont Kigali, they came across with Interahamwe militias who killed the two of them but Chantal and one of her relative escaped and took refuge to Bigega’s home, but after some time, they flee to Saint Andrew’s School in Nyamirambo where RPF Inkotanyi Forces found and rescued them. She concluded her testimony by thanking the leadership of Rwanda lead by this Excellence the President Paul Kagame for supporting genocide survivors and Rwandans in general.

Rwasibi Pierre, the Ibuka President in Musanze district, explained that, the MIPC is built on the former Muhoza military camp’s plot, where militiamen were trained and a killing site of many Tutsi people but till now, no one knows where they damped their bodies. He further added that it is the bad leadership that led Rwandans to genocide against Tutsi but he insured that victims of the said Genocide will be always remembered. He ended his remarks by thanking the RPF Inkotanyi for stopping the genocide and now all Rwandans have the equal rights in their country. He urged the youth to actively join the elders in rebuilding the country, free of genocide and its ideology.

In the guest of honour’s remarks, Javan Sebasore, the delegate of Musanze district Mayor, reiterated on the history of Genocide against the Tutsi in the former Ruhengeri Prefecture, the way Tutsi people were tortured for a long time, forbidden to study and or working, till the genocidal regime of Habyarimana decided to relocate them to Bugesera region so that they can be killed by Tsetse flies. He added that all those acts were reflecting the hatred to Tutsi people. He therefore declared that where the MIPC is located was the former Muhoza military camp, in which the genocide masterminding’s meetings were taking place. He additionally said that the genocidal government joined all forces to exterminate Tutsi till the 1992, Tutsi especially men in the northern region were almost finished, in that in 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, only few Tutsi remained were killed in there region. He concluded his intervention, by urged the youth to learn the history of Rwanda in order to fight genocide ideology. He also thanked the MIPC for well organizing the Genocide commemoration ceremony and urged other institutions to take that good example.

The same ceremony took place respectively at ESA Ruhengeri and at Groupe Scolaire St. Vincent Muhoza.