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18.05.2017 17:55 Age: 92 days

Gisagara: The Tutsi slain at Kibilizi Health Center remembered

 On 16 May  2017 in Gisagara District Kibilizi Sector a remembrance ceremony was held to commemorate employees, patients, patients care takers and many others who had fled at Kibilizi Health Center victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi.  

In the speech of the Head of Kibilizi Hospital John Bede said that is necessary to commemorate the Genocide against the Tutsi so that it won’t happen again. He said “we blame those who uphold the Genocide ideology, those who deny and trivialize the Genocide against the Tutsi”. He thanked the former RPF-Inkotanyi troops who stopped the Genocide.

In the remarks of the Coordinator of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) reiterated on those who uphold the Genocide ideology by asking them to participate in its eradication by teaching their children the real history of the Genocide. He asked to write the history and testimony of the Genocide especially in Kibilizi.

 In the message of the guest of honor, the Executive Secretary of Kibilizi Sector Damien Sibomana comforted the Genocide survivors. He said that in that area, the Genocide had started a long time ago, from 59, 61, and 73, because many powerful leaders were born there and it is them who spread the hated and the Genocide ideology that destroyed the Rwandan community using divisionism but he thanked H.E Paul Kagame for uniting Rwandans.