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18.04.2017 10:13 Age: 122 days

Important sites of massacres of Tutsi in different areas of Rwanda on 18th April 1994 and RPA military operations to stop the Genocide



·        A meeting chaired by the   government of Sindikubwabo and Kambanda was held in Gitarama. It convened all the bourgoumestres of the communes making up the prefecture of Gitarama. They were requested to shun conflicts based on their respective political parties and rather know that they had one enemy in common [the Tutsi] that they had to fight and kill together.  

·        President Theodore Sindikubwabo visited the prefectures of Gikongoro and Butare and urged the citizens to exterminate the Tutsi. 

·        From 18th to 20th April 1994,the Tutsi who had fled to Simbi Health Centre , the hostels of the priests in the commune of Maraba and at Buvumo in the commune of Ngoma were all killed

·        The interim government replaced Godfrey Ruzindana, the prefect of Kibungo who had been killed, by an extremist.  


·        President Sindikubwabo was heard on Radio Rwanda inciting people to killing the Tutsi of Butare

·        The presidential guard shelled with heavy artillery the Amahoro National Stadium where over 5000 Tutsi had sought refuge,.

·        Interahamwe killed about   2800 Tutsi in Kibungo.

·        The last Belgian troop left Kigali while the massacres of Tutsi were escalating across the country and both newspapers and radios spreading the propaganda to exterminate the Tutsi  

·        There were massacres of the Tutsi of Nkombo in the cell of Gisumu, village of Bigoga.

·        Many Tutsi of Gatereri in Cyangugu were massacred at the catholic parish of Nyabitimbo.  

·        Many Tutsi of Kamanyenga in Nkanka (Cyangugu) were massacred at the catholic parish of Nkanka. 

·        There were massacres of Tutsi in the Muramba school