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16.04.2017 17:34 Age: 124 days

Important sites of massacres of Tutsi in different areas of Rwanda on 16th April 1994 and RPA military operations to stop the Genocide

·        Over 5000 Tutsi who had fled in Ntarama Church in were killed by the militiamen and soldiers from Gako Military Base and others from Kigali. That attack was led by Francois Karera. Those militiamen extremely massacred Tutsi who had fled at Ntarama Church, cutting open wombs of pregnant Tutsi wives claiming that they wanted to see how Tutsi babies look like before their birth day, they held legs of Tutsi kids then smash them on the walls of houses because they don’t want to waste their bullets and many other savage action.  

·        Tutsi who had fled at Gishali Commune and other who were at Ruhunda hill (it is now in Rwamagana District) were killed by Gendarmes and militiamen, other were thrown in water at Kavumu shores in Muhazi Lake.

·        Tutsi who had fled at Saint Aloys school (Rwamagana) were killed

·        Tutsi who had fled at Ruramira (in Kayonza District) were killed and thrown in the Dam lake

·        Tutsi who had fled at Rutonde` hill (in Rwamagana District) were all killed.


·        Nyange Catholic Church was dismantled over more than 2000Tutsi who were inside. The Interahamwe militiamen and the Communal Police had surrounded the Tutsi who had fled in the Nyange Church, Tutsi girls were raped by gendarmes and priests, that day trucks full of stones to be distributed to militiamen and Hutu civilians to killing the Tutsi who were inside the Church. Father Athanase Seromba had called a caterpillar machine and ordered that it demolishes the church full of Tutsi. While the caterpillar was demolishing the church, the militiamen and communal police were busy throwing grenades in the church and Tutsi who tried to escape were hacked to death by gendarmes. The attack killed over 1500 Tutsi.   On the following day, Interahamwe militiamen came back to hunt those who had survived previous attack and killed them. Those militiamen destroyed the remaining parts of the church. That time children born from Hutu mothers and Tutsi fathers were also killed.

·        The Tutsi of Muganza in the Prefecture of Cyangugu were killed in CIMERWA factory.

·        There were Massacres of Tutsi in Nzahaha (Murya) in the Prefecture of Cyangugu.

·        There were massacres of Tutsi in Gashonga (Karemereye, Kabahinda) in Cyangugu.