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03.02.2017 16:57 Age: 196 days

CNLG urges genocide survivors on income generating associations

 23 years after the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, several glitches in connection with its consequences persist, threatening genocide survivors. These include different diseases, poverty, lack of shelters for some survivors, and property related issues among others.

Among the responsibilities of the national Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) include making advocacy for support of genocide survivors on challenges facing them.

It is against this background that CNLG has organized different lectures to urge genocide survivors on working into cooperatives to fast-track development.

Addressing genocide survivors in Kamatamu village, Nkuba cell in Mageragere sector, David Mwesigwa, the CNLG employee in charge of advocacy for genocide survivors told them that working in cooperatives helps to combine efforts in a bid to achieve their socio-economic development.

 “Working into cooperatives will help you to jointly attain your targets. It will also help to boost your socio- economic development and curb isolation which is a sign of trauma”, he recalled


Apart from Mageragere, CNLG gives such lectures in different villages across the country.  


A survey carried out by CNLG in 56 villages across the southern Province revealed that only 37 on survivors’ living conditions in the southern province revealed that 73 people (4.5%) out of 828 survivors who were interviewed were in cooperatives while 159 were in lucrative associations