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31.01.2017 08:54 Age: 199 days

Rusizi: the history of the genocide against the Tutsi explained to students to urge them on prevention of its ideology

This 30th January, the representative of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) in Rusizi district explained the history of the Genocide against the Tutsi to over 780 students in GS St Bruno- Gihundwe. It was in regard to urge the students to take part in prevention of genocide and its ideology.

 The lecture focused on the history of Rwanda during the first and second republics with emphasis on the history of the Genocide against the Tutsi. He explained how it was prepared, how its ideology was taught in schools, its execution and its particularities.

The students suggested that serious pains should be imposed to genocide perpetrators to prevent them from spreading the genocide ideology to the youth.

Article 3 of the law n° 84/2013 of 11/09/2013 on the crime of genocide ideology and other related offences defines Genocide ideology as any deliberate act, committed in public whether orally, written or video means or by any other means which may show that a person is characterized by ethnic, religious, nationality or racial-based with the aim to advocate for the commission of genocide; or to support the genocide.  

A CNLG study shows that from 1995 to 2015, the genocide ideology reduced at over 80 per cent

Under article 135 of the penal code, "any person who commits the crime of genocide ideology and other related offences shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of more than five to nine years and a fine of one hundred thousand (100,000) to one million (1,000, 000) Rwandan francs.